Accu-Gold 3 (Accu-Gold Windows Application)





The Radcal Accu-Gold 3 is a powerful tool for radiation quality assurance that can be used in a variety of settings, including medical facilities, research labs, and industrial environments. It is capable of making measurements in a wide range of radiation environments, including x-ray, gamma, and beta radiation.

AG3’s Power is the introduction of Profiles which are able to control all aspects of a measurement application including the triggering sensor’s level, anode/filter selection, region(s) of interest as well as many other unique capabilities of the Accu-Gold system.  Imagine setting up a measurement one time and saving it as a favorite. Next time… just select your favorite.  Or, Simply use the preset profiles already included.


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Accu-Gold 2 (Accu-Gold Windows Application)

Accu-Gold Radiation Measurement Windows ApplicationThe Accu-Gold software presents a common look and feel across the entire Radcal x-ray diagnostic product line.  The user configurable display presents up to 16 parameters at once.  Accu-Gold Software is provided with all Accu-Gold+ Family Digitizers.

A convenient, simple to use interface makes waveform and pulse-to-pulse analysis a snap.


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Accu-Gold Excel

Accu-Gold Excel Radiation Measurement SoftwareThe Accu-Gold Excel software provides a highly customizable interface for the Accu-Gold family of products.

Excel templates are populated with automated measurements from the Accu-Gold family of products resulting in a highly streamlined workflow.  Excel Users can develop their own templates or we will be happy to develop templates based on your unique requirements.


Accu-Gold Excel Download

Accu-Gold API

Accu-Gold-API_300x300The Accu-Gold digitizer and sensors are available with the “Accu-Gold” user software that enables simple measurement as well as rich visualization of the captured data.

For those applications requiring integration of Accu-Gold x-ray measurements with other automated equipment, Radcal provides an application programming interface (“API”).  The Accu-Gold API allows software developers to create their own applications.

The API is a Microsoft .Net 4 DLL compatible with most mainstream development languages for the PC platform such as Visual C++, C#, VB.Net, PowerShell, and LabView.  Contact Radcal for software licensing terms and conditions.