Computed Tomography

The technology behind computed tomography (CT) imaging is astounding and the diagnostic capability of 3D imaging is often life changing. However, the benefits of CT come with a cost in radiation dose. For this reason, QA is especially important in ensuring that excellent imagery is provided with carefully managed x-ray exposure.

This configuration is a powerful and cost effective system for quality assurance and preventative maintenance. The system incorporates a 3CT ion chamber that accurately and reliably measures CT Dose Index (CTDI). The Accu-Dose+ digitizer is the most cost effective solution for dose measurement. The 10”display provides an intuitive touchscreen interface suitable for running the Accu-Gold Windows application.

The advanced configuration builds on the basic configuration by adding the diagnostic multi-sensor providing measures of dose, kV, and filtrations characteristics. The digitizer is upgraded to the Accu-Gold+ which supports both solid-state and ion chamber sensors. The 20CT20 Phantom is a high quality solution for standard CT measurements. Radcal’s CT Beam width (CTBW) Toolkit (patent pending) provides measurement of beam width for varying collimation with unparalleled ease.

The complete system upgrades the diagnostic multi-sensor to the integrated diagnostic/mammography multi-sensor to accommodate most mammography quality assurance tasks. This system also adds an ion chamber suitable for QA on most CT systems. The digitizer is upgraded to Radcal’s flagship product which simultaneously supports solid-state and ion chamber sensors.

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