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SRC-500 Ionization Chamber

SRC-500 Ionization Chamber

The Radcal SRC-500 Ionization Chamber is a direct replacement for the Fluke® 96010A Ion Chamber. Having the same form factor but manufactured by Radcal it can be used in the Fluke® Radiation Leakage Detection System. This chamber meets 21 CFR 1020.30(k) for leakage measurement requirements*. Contact Radcal to explore electrometer solutions to accompany this chamber. Also, see our 10×6-500 ion chamber that is part of the Accu-Gold family of systems as a single sensor leakage measurement solution.

(SRC-PA1A ordered separately)
Preamplifier for the SRC-500 Ionization Chamber- serves as a replacement for the Fluke® 50300 Ion Chamber Electrometer.

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