About Radcal

Radcal History

In 1975 the world was coming to appreciate the delicate balance between benefit and risk with regard to x-ray exposure. Responding to the needs of the Food and Drug Administration, Radcal introduced the first instrument providing comprehensive measures of dose and having the ability to interchange sensors without loss in accuracy. These systems were founded on Radcal’s unparalleled Gold Standard Ion chambers.

Built to Last

Today, nearly 50 years later, many of Radcal’s initial products are still in active use around the world and the Gold Standard Ion Chamber continues to lead the industry. Our “Made in the USA” products now incorporate the latest advances in solid-state sensing. Committed to our mission, Radcal provides leading edge technology while exploring the limits of physics.

Quality Policy and Vision

X-ray imaging systems are one of the most important medical diagnostic tools available today.  Optimizing their effectiveness while minimizing radiation exposure is a health issue affecting billions of people world-wide.  Radcal is committed to being the premier provider of diagnostic x-ray measurements systems and services, making safe and effective medical treatment possible. 


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