Radiation Protection

The field of radiation protection encompasses the characterization of scatter and leakage from X-ray systems as installed in medical facilities. Generally, protective measures include shielding of walls and windows along with wearables such as lead aprons. Given the extended period of time that system operators are exposed while caring for patients, it is critically important that levels of scatter and leakage are accurately and reliably established.

This configuration is a powerful and cost effective system for measurement of scatter and leakage radiation. The 1800cc ion chamber provides high sensitivity and gold standard accuracy over a wide range of the x-ray spectrum. The Accu-Dose+ digitizer is the most cost effective solution for dose measurements of this type. The 10”display provides an intuitive touchscreen interface and the chamber holder integrates the components into an ergonomic solution.

The advanced survey system builds on the basic configuration by adding the 180 cc ion chamber. This smaller size of this sensor and its direction response provide the ability to better localize sources of scatter and leakage. Additionally, the 180cc chamber is suitable when 21CFR requirements apply.

The complete system upgrades the diagnostic multi-sensor to the integrated diagnostic/mammography multi-sensor to accommodate most mammography quality assurance tasks. This system also adds an ion chamber suitable for QA on most CT systems. The digitizer is upgraded to Radcal’s flagship product which simultaneously supports solid-state and ion chamber sensors.

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