The Certificate of Conformance

Radcal Conformance Testing is a unique service offered by Radcal. This testing encompasses a full battery of diagnostics establishing that instruments meet or exceed all applicable manufacturers’ specifications. Equipment is subjected to thorough physical inspection and electrical operations testing. This includes all operating modes and the entire dynamic range of instrument performance. Customers are assured that Radcal instruments and equipment meet the standards of ISO 9001:2008, Section 7.6. Successful completion of Radcal conformance testing is documented with a formal Certificate of Conformance.


One of the unique advantages of Radcal’s Accu-Gold family of products is that components are fully interchangeable. Radcal guarantees that its calibration specifications will be met when detectors (ion chambers, dose diodes, and multi-sensors) are exchanged between compatible control units (Accu-Gold, Rapid-Gold, etc.). A consequence of this design is that each component can be tested for conformance independently. Once certified, the customer is ensured that the performance of all interoperable components will perform within specifications regardless of how they are combined. Additionally, conformance testing provides the means to service or repair individual elements of your system without the need to send in the entire system.


Ensuring that your device meets or exceeds Radcal’s demanding specifications often satisfies our customer’s requirement for compliance with federal, state, and corporate regulations. The Radcal Certificate of Conformance is more economical, and yet more comprehensive, than most Certified or 17025 Calibrations performed by other providers.

Service Schedule

The schedule on which your equipment must be serviced is generally determined by state, federal, or corporate guidelines. When there is flexibility, Radcal can help you determine the service cycle (typically 12 or 24 months) that is right for you based on frequency of use, and ruggedness of your operating environment. Be assured that Radcal equipment is unparalleled in reliability and robustness; many systems are still in use after more than 30 years.

Prompt Service

Radcal understands that your system is critically important to your business. For this reason we strive for and generally achieve a thorough servicing of your instruments in 10 business days or less. This excludes shipping time which is generally outside of Radcal’s control. It is important to note that most delays occur when customers fail to provide prompt authorization for repair or servicing costs. Radcal offers Expedited Service for a flat fee of $150, which guarantees to reduce in-house servicing time to 3-5 business days. Naturally, the customer must provide prompt authorization for service costs in order to get the full benefit of expedited service.

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