Ion Chambers

For use with Accu-Gold, Accu-Pro and Accu-Dose. Ion Chamber Dose Sensors are General Purpose – In-Beam Chamber, Dedicated Mammography Chamber, Service and Image Intensifier Chamber, Chamber for Computed Tomography dose Index and DWP or DLP, Leakage and Low Level Measurements Chamber, Radiation Protection Chamber, High Dose Rate and Modern Wide Beam Multi-Slice CT Chamber. View All

Solid State Multi-Sensors

Solid State Multisensors – Dose, Rate, kV, Time, HVL, Filtration and more. For use with the Accu-Gold, Accu-Gold+, Rapid-Gold and Rapid-Gold+. Solid State Multisensors are used for Diagnostic and Mammographic range measurements. Any sensor can be plugged into its appropriate digitizer. View All

Solid State Dose Sensors

For use with the Accu-Gold, Accu-Gold+, Rapid-Gold and Rapid-Gold+. Solid State Dose Sensors are used for Diagnostic Range and Mammographic Range Measurements. View All

Current Probes

Radcal mAs Sensors come in invasive sensor and non-invasive clamp on sensor types. These mAs Sensors measure the amount of charge used in x-ray imaging systems. Radcal mAs sensors connect to the mAs-labeled connector of Accu-Gold/Rapid-Gold/Accu-Pro and Accu-kV models. View All

Light Meters

Light Sensor

In the diagnostic imaging environment, the Radcal lightmeter measures the luminance level (brightness) and uniformity of back-lighted display screens, plus the illuminance level of the ambient light incident upon the screen surface. The meter displays photometric parameters in metric (SI) units. View All

DAP Calibration Sensors

Verify X-ray DAP & Light Field Congruence. View All

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