Radcal’s Accu-Gold products are fast effective solutions for making diagnostic x-ray measurements for quality assurance, manufacturing, service, and compliance. Often it is more informative to view these products in the context of the applications in which they are used. Here, typical system configurations are organized according to the five primary application types.

Radcal Radiography and Fluoroscopy

Radiography and Fluoroscopy

These applications are the foundation of modern x-ray diagnostics. Radcal has been providing gold standard quality control instruments for these systems since partnering with the FDA over 40 years ago. For these applications, typical measurements include dose, dose rate, kV (x-ray source voltage), mA (x-ray source current), and filtration characteristics (HVL). In order to avoid long cables, these applications often benefit from wireless connectivity. Learn More

Radcal Mammography


Regular mammography screening is one of the most common and effective life-saving medical procedures available today. Given its massive proliferation, it is important to ensure high quality imagery is obtained with the minimal x-ray exposure making QA on these systems critical. Radcal instruments have provided MQSA compliant testing since its inception and continue to progress, supporting today’s 3D and Cu filtering enhancement technologies. Learn More

Radcal Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography

The technology behind computed tomography (CT) imaging is astounding and the diagnostic capability of 3D imaging is often life changing. However, the benefits of CT come with a cost in radiation dose. For this reason, QA is especially important in ensuring that excellent imagery is provided with carefully managed x-ray exposure. Learn More

Radiation Protection

The field of radiation protection encompasses the characterization of scatter and leakage from X-ray systems as installed in medical facilities. Generally, protective measures include shielding of walls and windows along with wearables such as lead aprons. Given the extended period of time that system operators are exposed while caring for patients, it is critically important that levels of scatter and leakage are accurately and reliably established. Learn More


For many, the x-rays images taken as part of our regular dental examinations provide the highest source of radiation exposure we encounter on an ongoing basis. As a result, quality assurance for these systems is as critical as other applications with higher individual dose that are used much less frequently. Learn More

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