Radiography and Fluoroscopy

These applications are the foundation of modern x-ray diagnostics. Radcal has been providing gold standard quality control instruments for these systems since partnering with the FDA over 40 years ago. For these applications, typical measurements include dose, dose rate, kV (x-ray source voltage), mA (x-ray source current), and filtration characteristics (HVL). In order to avoid long cables, these applications often benefit from wireless connectivity.

This configuration is a powerful and cost effective system for quality assurance and preventative maintenance. The system incorporates a diagnostic multi-sensor for measurement of dose, kV, and filtrations characteristics. The Rapid-Gold digitizer is an excellent match to the selected sensor. The 10”display provides an intuitive touchscreen interface suitable for running the Accu-Gold Windows application.

Advanced Radiography and Fluoroscopy System Images

The advanced configuration builds on the basic configuration by adding the 90M10 current sensor and the WiFi Nugget for wireless connectivity. Also, the display was upgraded to include Microsoft Excel, suitable for running Accu-Gold Excel software. With this software, Radcal will work with you to implement your own custom report as an Excel template. When using this template, measurements are automatically entered in your report. When your measurements are done … your report is done.

The complete system upgrades the diagnostic multi-sensor to the integrated diagnostic/mammography multi-sensor to accommodate most mammography quality assurance tasks. This system also adds an ion chamber suitable for QA on most CT systems. The digitizer is upgraded to Radcal’s flagship product which simultaneously supports solid-state and ion chamber sensors.

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