The T3 Rapid-Goldld+ Pro supports Radcal’s solid-state dose sensors, solid-state multi-sensors, and current probes. The Rapid-Gold+ Touch is an excellent stand-alone solution for Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, and Dental diagnostic x-ray applications. It’s ability to store machine specific Profiles files save time by eliminating manual user settings and often only one exposure is needed. For example, when using the Mammo Combo Mode Profile, with a Single exposure kV, Time, dose, and dose rate are captured for each region. T3’s CBCT Profile allows for the capture of DAP, kV and Dose with one exposure.  A great time savings feature is frequently used Profiles which can be saved as favorites.

The Pro Series adds wired and wireless computer interfaces to the T3 stand-alone system. With this interface, the Accu-Gold 3.0 Windows software provides a feature-rich and user-friendly environment in which to perform your measurements. Stream-lined Excel reporting and advanced waveform analysis are among many useful capabilities. Android and IOS applications are available for R/F – please contact Radcal for details.

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