CT AEC (Computed Tomography Automatic Exposure Control) phantom is used for constancy testing of CT AEC systems.

CT AEC includes:

  • 11x PMMA ellipses of 25mm thickness (different height and width so that they can be re-configured into any order)
  • Each step contains a central hole to accommodate a choice of:
    – Blank inserts for AEC checks (supplied)
    – Tubes to accommodate pencil ion chambers for dosimetry (supplied)
    – SEDENTEXCTIQ image quality inserts (available separately)
  • 2 x sturdy end plates with integral carry handles and adjustable height and length nylon supports
  • Spirit level and pigment-filled centre markings (for easy and reproducible positioning)
  • Wheeled protective storm case with telescopic handle

This design is protected under Community Design Registration No. 002419572-0001

Also available with 50mm thick ellipses as CTAEC-50

Specification Sheet