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Radcal Corporation, Monrovia, California, announces today their new stand-alone diagnostic x-ray instrument as part of the Accu-Gold Family of meters.

Monrovia, CA, November 20, 2017: Radcal Corporation announces today that they will demonstrate at the RSNA 2017 a new line of stand-alone Accu-Gold instruments. With the largest touchscreen in the industry these systems make diagnostic x-ray quality assurance even faster and easier.

Radcal officially releases the Accu-Gold Touch family of systems

As a premier provider of diagnostic radiation test instruments, Radcal is excited to announce the release of a new line of stand-alone instruments, the Accu-Gold Touch Series. These measurement systems incorporate the largest capacitive touchscreen in the industry for a bright and straightforward user experience. In addition, the Accu-Gold Touch provides access to the full lineup of Accu-Gold sensors, the most extensive line of x-ray quality assurance sensors available. The Accu-Gold Touch provides the accuracy and reliability you’ve come to expect from Radcal in an economical package.

Alternatively, The Accu-Gold Touch Professional Series provides wired and wireless computer interfaces. Using the Accu-Gold Windows application users are able to access a rich set of advanced capabilities such as automated Excel-based reporting and waveform analysis. Current Accu-Gold system users should explore our Accu-Gold Touch conversion option.

Radcal will be demonstrating these instruments at RSNA 2017. Visit our booth #1529 for more information.

Radcal will be exhibiting at the 2017 RSNA Conference in Chicago, IL.

Radcal will be exhibiting at the 2017 RSNA Conference in Chicago, IL. in the South Hall booth 1529.  The Radcal Accu-Gold+ line of X-ray test meters simplifies the quality assurance measurements for Physicist, Biomeds, and Service Engineers for a more efficient, time saving and integrated workflow.

Please visit us for answers to any of your questions about Radcal’s products.

Radcal is excited to attend the 2017 MD Expo Conference as an exhibitor.

Radcal will be exhibiting at the 2017 MD EXPO Conference in Orlando, FL..  The Radcal Accu-Gold+ line of X-ray test meters simplifies the quality assurance measurements for Biomedical and Service Engineers for a more efficient, time saving and integrated workflow.

Visit Gustavo Tuntisi at Booth #216 for answers to any of your questions about Radcal’s products.

Radcal is proud to support CRCPD as an exhibitor at 49th National Conference.

Radcal, the leader in radiation X-ray detection, will once again be participating in the annual CRCPD conference in Scottsdale, AZ this May 8th – 11 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.

Accu-Gold Family Systems

The Radcal Accu-Gold+ line of X-ray test meters simplifies the Compliance Inspector’s measurements which allows for a more streamlined and integrated workflow.  With the Accu-Gold+ meters new Excel Companion Mode, generating reports could not be easier.  Radcal’s New iOS application is another efficient way an inspector can capture their data on an iPhone or iPAD with a wireless connection.  Please stop by booth #2 for more details.

What’s new at Radcal for ECR 2017?

Stop by Expo 1 Stand #3 to see the following great innovations


Making Diagnostic X-ray Measurement Data More Accessible

New innovations in x-ray imaging provide ever improving imaging capabilities while simultaneously maintaining or even reducing the effective radiation dose. Radcal, a premier provider of diagnostic radiation test instruments, recognizes the need to make your QA and maintenance measurement data more accessible for analysis, reporting, and archiving in order to keep up with ever-changing measurement needs. Fortunately, the advent of low cost computing platforms such as tablets and smartphones facilitate detailed analysis and reporting of your data. As your partner in keeping medical imaging safe and effective, Radcal is providing a number of new mechanisms meant to “free your data”.


Accu-Gold 2.0

Radcal has embraced the emergence of low cost tablet computers. With every x-ray measurement system, Radcal provides a feature-rich and yet user friendly Windows application at no additional cost. This application provides user configurable windows for display of common quantities such as dose, dose rate, kV, filtration, and pulse parameters. New features to Accu-Gold 2.0 are an enhanced touchscreen interface and the ability to seamlessly export data to Excel for further computation, analysis, and reporting. Once in Excel, all of this information can be immediately saved in standard formats for later review or archiving. All of the connectivity features of tablet computers are now readily accessible to the user including, e-mailing of reports, archiving to cloud-based storage, and remote printing.


Accu-Gold Excel

As an alternative to the Accu-Gold Windows application, Radcal also offers Accu-Gold Excel at no cost. Accu-Gold Excel is an application that runs from within Microsoft Excel that automatically populates fields in a spreadsheet as measurements with your Accu-Gold instrument are made. This is a very powerful tool and creates the opportunity for unparalleled automation. First, a template is created that is formatted to match the report you would like to generate. You can create your own reports or Radcal will help develop your report. Once the template is activated, the rows and columns of the report are automatically filled as the desired measurements are made. Calculations based on the measured values are instantaneously performed. For instance error percentages can be calculated and compared with allowed tolerances resulting in the display of PASS or FAIL. In this way, when your measurements are done… your report is done and ready to be e-mailed, printed, or archived.


Accu-Gold iOS

Smart devices such as the iPhone and iPad have become ubiquitous and are now a preferred display for use with many quality assurance systems. In recognition of this evolution Radcal has developed Accu-Gold iOS, an application available through the Apple store to control the operation of your Accu-Gold instrument. The application connects to your Accu-Gold instrument wirelessly through the Accu-Gold Nugget adapter.



X-ray generators are manufactured to exacting standards that require precise measurement of the voltage (kV) and current (mA) applied to the x-ray tube. Radcal’s Dynalyzer product is the gold standard for measuring these quantities in the production environment. In the past, visualizing the data provided by the Dynalyzer required a digital display or scope. Radcal is pleased to announce the release of the Accu-Dyn+ solution which digitizes Dynalyzer results and makes them available in Microsoft Excel on a Windows-based tablet or personal computer. Analysis and reporting of kV behavior and practical peak voltage (PPV) has never been easier.


Collectively, these solutions provide a comprehensive and flexible array of ways to collect and free your data. Visit our booth Expo 1 Stand #3 for more information.

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