accu-gold-apiThe Accu-Gold digitizer and sensors are available with the “Accu-Gold” user software that enables simple measurement as well as rich visualization of the captured data.
For integrating measurement using “Accu-Gold” an application programming interface (“API”) is available. This API can be used to integrate Accu-Gold based measurement into customer specific software. The “Accu-Gold Integration API” allows to control measurement, to set relevant parameters and to receive measurement results.
The API can be used by many programming languages. It’s a Microsoft .Net 4 DLL and thus is compatible to C#, VB.Net and PowerShell Scripts as well as National Instruments LabView and TestStand.
The “API” consists of software that needs to be installed on a Windows-PC that has the “Accu-Gold digitizer” connected via USB. The “API” is designed, so that interacting with “Accu-Gold” is possible on that PC or via TCP networks.

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