Leeds Test Objects′ TOR DEN Digital phantom is designed to be used to check the image quality performance of digital dental x-ray systems including intra-oral, panoramic and cephalometric units. These tests should be carried out at acceptance to establish a baseline, and on a routine basis, keeping an on-going record of the test results, which will indicate any deterioration in performance.

TOR DEN digital is used for units with digital image acquisition, and enables the following tests to be made:

  • Limiting Spatial Resolution
  • Low Contrast Resolution
  • Image Receptor Dose
  • Radiation Field Alignment ~ for Panoramic and Cephalometric tests only
  • Image Quality Homogeneity ~ for Panoramic and Cephalometric tests only

The phantom is available as either;

  • INTRA-ORAL : Phantom and protective case
  • INTRA-ORAL + OPG : Phantom, protective case, tripod and alignment jig.

Specification Sheet