CT Beam Width MeasurementsRadcal is a premier provider of diagnostic radiation test instruments including the most comprehensive suite of x-ray sensors in the industry.  Among these are an extensive selection of gold standard ion chambers including those tailored for CT quality assurance and maintenance.  ACR and Joint Commission requirements demand that medical physicists measure beam width for today’s CT systems.  Methods for performing this measurement either require special hardware and software or expensive consumables.  Radcal is pleased to introduce The CTBW Tool Kit based on patent pending technology.  This economical Toolkit works in conjunction with Radcal’s 10×6-3CT ion chamber to make beam width measurements with excellent precision.  Two exposures determine a calibration factor and then beam widths for each additional collimation setting are calculated from a single additional exposure.  Radcal’s free Accu-Gold Excel software automates the process and makes these measurements quick and easy.