AGLS Luminance Illuminance In the diagnostic imaging environment, the Radcal lightmeter measures the luminance level (brightness) and uniformity of back-lighted display screens, plus the illuminance level of the ambient light incident upon the screen surface. The meter displays photometric parameters in metric (SI) units.

Portable, hand-held lightmeter for the measurement of display surface luminance and ambient light cosine-corrected illuminance.

Measures luminance level in candela per square meter (nits) units and ambient light level in lux units.

The base unit of the light meter contains a silicon photo-diode that can be exposed to ambient light through an optical filter, which very accurately simulates the spectral response of the human eye’s photopic response, in order to measure illuminance in lux units. A Luminance adapter can be attached to the Illuminance base sensor above the photo-diode for the measurement of luminance in cd/m² through an aperture with a 10-mm diameter. Accu-Gold automatically detects the presence or absence of the Luminance adapter and selects the appropriate units.

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