Accu-Gold + Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT, Dental and Survey

The Next Generation Accu-Gold+ With New Accu-Gold+ Multisensors

The Accu-Gold+ system is the premier diagnostic x-ray measurement instrument in the Accu-Gold+ family encompassing Radcal’s unparalleled line of gold standard ion chambers, solid-state dose sensors, solid-state multi-sensors, current probes, and light sensors. The family includes a collection of touchscreen display options that deliver customizable views and outstanding waveform analysis capabilities. Optionally, use Radcal’s WiFi wireless adapter for a convenient x-ray measurement solution.

The latest Gold Standard in Diagnostic X-ray meters

  • Utilizing improved stacked sensor technology allows the new Accu-Gold+ Multisensors to become the smallest footprint solid state sensor available today.
  • The Accu-Gold+ Multisensor has been reduced 1/3 of its original size with increased dose and dose rate ranges.
  • Accu-Gold+ transforms your computer into a compact, cost effective, and multi function X-ray analyzer.
  • Dual Radiography, Fluoroscopy and Mammography Accu-Gold+ Multisensor now available. The AGMD-DM+ sensor has the diagnostic range of 40-160kV and 20-50kV for mammography.
  • Accu-Gold Software provided with the Accu-Gold+ Digitizer.
  • Truly Interchangeable Multisensors with other Accu-Gold+ meters.
  • Uses both Radcal ion chambers and Multisensors.

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