Rapid-Gold+ Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, and Dental

For Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, and Dental. Solutions for all your measurement needs.


Rapid-Gold+ is the latest version of the Accu-Gold+ X-ray measurement system consisting of a powerful multi-function Digitizer and innovative Accu-Gold+ Software. For those that do not require the use of ion chambers the Rapid-Gold+ will meet your needs.

Choice of Digitizer Models

Two models of the Rapid-Gold+ Digitizers are available for your choice. To measure mA/mAs, the RGDM+MA Digitizer will accept the mA/mAs sensor and Accu-Gold+ Multisensor of choice. The model RGDM+ accepts only Radcal Solid State Multisensors for multiple parameter measurements.

Choice of Sensors

Both models of Accu-Gold+ and first generation Accu-Gold Multisensors can be used with the RGDM+ or RGDM+MA Digitizers as well as Solid State Dose Sensors. For mA or mAs measurements the user has the choice of selecting either invasive on non-invasive mA/mAs sensors. Accu-Gold+ sensors are “truly interchangeable” among your colleague’s Rapid-Gold+ and Accu-Gold+ systems.

Economical and Versatile

Rapid-Gold+ transforms your computer directly into a compact, cost effective Mult-functional Analyzer. No need to take your measurement sessions and then upload to another computer for analysis and data reporting. Get instant results and reports.

Choice of Software

Rapid-Gold+ is supplied with three (3) data accumulation software programs; the Accu-Gold+ Software, XLGold (Excel based) Software and Template Builder for report template customization. Accu-Gold+ updates are provided by an internet update service.

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