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Dynalyzer IV High Voltage Unit

The Dynalyzer IV is one of the most accurate tools for the calibration and analysis of x-ray generator systems.

The Dynalyzer IV which is inserted in the high-voltage cables between the x-ray generator and the x-ray tube, provides ground-referenced analog and digital signals that are proportional to kV, anode current (mA) and filament current. The analog version of these signals can be routed to external test equipment such as an oscilloscope or digital voltmeter. The digital version of the anode-to-cathode voltage and the anode current can be connected to the Dynalyzer Accu-Dyn+ Display System and its associated Accu-Gold Excel software.  Unlike non-invasive instruments, the Dynalyzer provides the user with direct kV measurements unaffected by tube target material or filtration.

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Dynalyzer Accu-Dyn+ Display System

The Accu-Dyn+ display system provides the means to display, analyze, and report values measured by the Dynalyzer that support calibration, compliance testing, and troubleshooting. Displayed values include: kV, kVp, PPV, anode current, number of pulses, and pulse duration. In addition, waveforms of kV and anode current can be displayed and analyzed, providing a deeper understanding of the operation of the system.

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