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Dynalyzer IIIU High Voltage Unit

The Dynalyzer IIIU is one of the most accurate tools for the calibration and analysis of x-ray generator systems.

Connected between the generator and the x-ray tube unit, it isolates the signals and provides an output proportional to kV, mA and filament current. These ground-referenced analog signals may be routed to external test equipment, such as the Dynalyzer III digital Display or an oscilloscope. Unlike non-invasive instruments, the Dynalyzer provides the user with direct kV measurements unaffected by tube target material or filtration.

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Dynalyzer Accu-Dyn+ Display System

Accu-Dyn+The Accu-Dyn+ display system provides the means to display, analyze, and report values measured by the Dynalyzer that support calibration, compliance testing, and troubleshooting. Displayed values include: kV, kVp, PPV, anode current, number of pulses, and pulse duration. In addition, waveforms of kV and anode current can be displayed and analyzed, providing a deeper understanding of the operation of the system.

Notes: kV and derived quantities are anode+cathode voltage. Waveforms and calculated values reflect a bandwidth of 4 kHz.

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