Accu-Gold iOS for iPhone and iPad As a premier provider of diagnostic radiation test instruments, Radcal continues to incorporate the latest user interface technology into our systems. Radcal is pleased to announce the release of Accu-Gold iOS, an application with which industry professionals can make, store, and transmit measurements from the convenience of their iPhone or iPad.

The application, available on the App Store, interfaces wirelessly with Radcal’s complete line of Accu-Gold systems. These systems encompass the most extensive x-ray sensor offering in the industry, performing dose, dose rate, kV, filtration, and other measurements. Accu-Gold systems support all x-ray modalities including radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, computed tomography, and dental applications. Accu-Gold iOS lets you use your iPhone or iPad as a familiar interface that is especially convenient for those already using those devices for other QA or maintenance functions.

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